At a height of 142 meters and its unique spire, Notre-Dame de Strasbourg is the most emblematic monument of Strasbourg. It is also a masterpiece of Gothic art and would claim the title of the highest church in the world for many centuries. It symbolizes the prominence of the city in the Middle Ages. With 4 million visitors a year, Strasbourg’s Cathedral is today the second most visited cathedral in France after Notre-Dame de Paris.


Built on the foundations of an earlier church dated 1015, the construction of Notre-Dame de Strasbourg would last from 1220 to 1439, over 200 years of work before seeing the completion of the church. The different construction periods and architectural evolutions are quite noticeable to a knowledgeable eye. From the Romanesque to the different Gothic styles, Notre Dame de Strasbourg is a summary of the various architectural styles of the Middle Ages.

Did you know...?

During a guided tour, your guide will explain all of this, explain some of the history behind it all and point out features such as the organ and its magnificent astronomical clock of the 16th century. You will also discover the more recent history of the cathedral for example its stained-glass windows found by chance after the Second World War or the nod to Europe in the stained-glass window portraying the European flag.