There are a thousand and one ways to discover Strasbourg, taking you on an “off the beaten track” visit is one of them.  Indeed, during a tour of this kind each guide will show you some secret places and tell you little known episodes of the history of the Alsatian capital. Did you know, for example, that contrary to popular belief, the city of Strasbourg in the Middle Ages extended beyond the Big Island into the current Sainte Madeleine district?


Strasbourg is full of unusual objects and anecdotes, sometimes visible, sometimes less obvious. Whether they are some embedded shrapnel fragments in the facades of some houses in the city center, or stickers from when France Telecom tested the Bi-Bop in the 1990s, they are all still there, right before our eyes.

Did you know...?

With a tour all about city secrets, you will enhance your knowledge of Strasbourg or discover the city from an unusual angle. It’s in the details such as that statue on the house at the corner between the rue des Hallebardes and Grandes Arcades…  it also has an interesting story to tell!