Board Members

The members of the Board of Directors of the Alsatian Guild of Tourist Guides, sometimes with other members of the guild, work voluntarily organising the activities, trainings and they take actions to protect and to defend our trade in Alsace region.

Conseil d'Administration

Ivan DE LA TORRE, President / Webmaster and community manager

Juliette BOSSERTVice President / CEO of Book a Guide Ltd. / Trainings

Frédérique SPECHT, Treasurer

Marine SAINT-DIZIER, Secretary

Gaétan LISS, Assistant Secretary / COO of Book a Guide Ltd. 

Isabelle HINCKER, Member-at-Large / Trainings

Galatea KNOBEL, Member-at-Large 

François MULLER, Member-at-Large

Audrey RIEHM, Member-at-Large / Relationship with FNGIC