Alsatian Guild of Tourist Guides (AGIRA)

We are the Guild of Qualified Tourist Guides in Alsace region (France). It was created in 1976 under the name of AGIRA (Association des Guides-interprètes de la Région Alsace). Our guild owns the brand and the company Book a Guide.

We are all qualified by the French government departments for Culture and for Tourism. We are as well the only external guides allowed to guide in the Museums and in the France Heritage Sites.

We propose you several tour's themes (the classical ones, Jewish heritage, gastronomy, wine tourism...) and we adapt our offer to all our guests. We also propose you other additional services (as shuttles airport-hotel), and all that in 12 different languages!

Our Guild is member of the FNGIC, French Guides Federation, which is member of the FEG, European Federation of Tourist Guide Associations and of the WFGTA, World Federation of Tourist Guide Associations. We work together for quality tourism.

Why should you choose us?

  • We are the best ambassadors of our region, and we will know how to transmit you our knowledge in a rewarding and attractive way.
  • We have extensive knowledge about our region, in very diverse fields (history, architecture, history of art, gastronomy, traditions, military/industrial heritage...), and we regularly train perfecting and improving them. 
  • We love our job and it is with pleasure that we discover our region to our visitors.
  • By choosing one of our qualified guides, who respects its tax obligations, you contribute to building a more just and sustainable society.

Guild's Board

Chairman: Lionel HEIWY / 2nd Chairman: Ivan DE LA TORRE
Treasurer: Frédérique SPECHT (Guild) - Gaétan LISS (Book a Guide)
Secretary: Marine SAINT-DIZIER (Guild) - Juliette BOSSERT (Book a Guide)

In charge of memberships: Ivan DE LA TORRE
In charge of training: Maryla BOUTINEAU and Isabelle HINCKER
In charge of relations between Guides associations: Audrey RIEHM
In charge of activities: Caroline CLAUDE-BRONNER and Gaétan LISS
with the collaboration of Galatea KNOBEL and François MULLER

Active members : 110 guides-conférenciers certifiés

Spoken languages (12) : Alsatian, Arabic, Catalan, English, French, German, Italian, Japanese, Portuguese, Russian, Serbo-Croatian and Spanish.